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GAI membership signifies that you’re serious about your professional or academic development and advancement, International networking as well as cross-cultural experiences beyond your boarders.

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German Academic Institute is dedicated to the needs of international students, individuals, corporations, NGOs and governmental entities across the globe.



This membership provides you with access to valuable innovative knowledge, networks, and resources which will help you realize your goals.



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German Academic Institute (GAI) Benefits

We have various memberships which are individually explained below. As GAI member, you’ll gain exclusive access to networking opportunities provided through the German Academic Institute teams and its partners worldwide. Your specific needs will be individually be attended to and responded to swiftly. You’ll grow and develop as an individual, a leader or as a team through various opportunities.

You will receive discounts on training, events, access useful contacts, support in multiple applications for funding from the European Commission as well as international academics placements and training across Europe and beyond.

Meet our European Team


GAI Team

Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu
CEO & Director

Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu


CEO & Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website, which is dedicated to International Education, Business and networking as well as Travel and Visits to Germany and other EU countries. GAI is a non-profit making organization directed towards promoting international projects, education and professional advancement. Our goal is to facilitate governments and their peoples to understand and benefit from our fast-paced, dynamic, modern societies worldwide. If you are interested in EU Projects and Professional short courses please visit the international project blog here. Thank you for taking the time to visit the GAI website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen Tuengerthal
Legal Consultant Expert
Peter Krumscheid
Business Administration
Hans Dieter Sauer
F+U President

Sub-Saharan Region Team


GAI Team

Patrica Kamarungu

Patrica Kamarungu


CEO & Director

Executive Quality Assurance Manager

Nansasi T. Kaweesi
Skilled & Social Worker Recruiter
Steven K Muyimbwa
Technical Advise
Prof. Dr. Benon Kigozi
Educational Expert
Mr. Gregory Babigumira
E. African Programs Advisor

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