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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the German Academic institute. All prospective members of GAI are required to complete this registration form.



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Introductory Phase 1 Predetermination of applicant eligibility *

Introductory checking of academic records to determine chances of admission to a German educational institute

1) Your prior educational docs (high school and or degrees) will be examined to see if they meet the basic requirements of acceptance in Germany, USA, CANADA, etc. Universities, and other educational initiates abroad.

2) The language of instruction for a chosen degree could be in English, German (need to start with German classes), or both.

3) We shall determine If the candidate meets the minimum qualifications for acceptance in a relevant University or any other educational training institute.

4) Applicants for a BA must email Ordinary & Advanced level transcripts and certificates. For those looking at graduate studies (MA), they should submit BA transcripts with the degree certificates. In order to save time. Please attach as well current CV in the “Europass template”

5) Ph.D. applicants ought to write us at in order to appreciate their individual interest in research.

6) We process this introductory checking of academic records to determine chances of admission & the availability of your area of interest.

7) At the same time, please pay a service fee of a fee of 80EURS for this Phase I, The applicant should tell us what area of study they wish or ask to be guided (recommend) by us based on their prior education.

200€ / $220

70€ / $85

University onboard end to end student membership (ETE)

1) Selection of 3 to 5 universities most suited to the applicant’s qualifications.

2) Ensuring the applicant has the minimum requirements required to apply for a degree.

3) Conversion of the Ugandan final grade into its german equivalent.

4) Guidance in obtaining a grade conversion certificate.
Explaining any ambiguous requirements listed by the university.

5) Contacting the university on behalf of the applicant in case of any special inquiries.

400€ / $430

450€ / $530

University onboard end to end student membership (ETE)

1) Guidance in writing motivation letters.

2) Guidance in filling in the application. In some situations, we shall help fill in the application for the applicant.

3) Submission of the application on behalf of the applicant.

4) Guidance in the enrollment process after admission.

5) Guidance in creating a blocked account and acquiring health insurance after admission.

400€ / $430

450€ / $530

Discount: All Applicants who pay all 3 Phases at once, will receive a 10% discount on the total amount. Please let us know ahead of time to make these arrangements for you.

Local currency issues in relation to € and $. If you need assistance with issues of your country local currency, Please contact us +49 162 772 5333.


Membership Type

Africa, Caribbean & Pacific

Europe & America

Student Basic Membership (BM)

Here applicants work hand in hand with GAI German team through the process of University choices, application process, admission and orientation abroad. This means the applicant will ONLY be guided and talk about the issues related to Phase I, II & III. The Processing of Phase I, II & III will be the responsibility of the applicant.

200€ / $230

200€ / $230


Individual membership is open to all who may not be students but share GAI’s objectives and wish to benefit from our services. ( Holiday & Tours / Business Packages, Skilled Jobs placement support in Germany & other EU states, Research, International EU Projects, Networking and Funding Sources etc..)

200€ / $260

300€ / $345

Corporations, NGOs and Government Entities

Institutional Membership is open to Public, Private and Non profit making institutions

400€ / $460

600€ / $690

6) For Membership descriptions & benefits go to:


In the field below, please describe clearly (in a few simple sentences) what your real service needs are so that we can focus and align our processing activities precisely to your specific needs. If you need more assistance please email and/or call +49 162 772 5333


( If you are completing this form on your own as an applicant, IGNORE this section G )

* If you are an Agent or Facilitating an applicant, Please complete this section and assist the applicant to submit the this form online. ( If you have questions contact us: Whatsapp +49 162 77 25 333 )



* 1. Final decisions of academic institutes, various international entities and consulates are independent and cant be influenced or manipulated by the GAI team. You will be contacted once your request has been processed in order to learn the outcome. GAI Administrative/ Service fees Phase I, II & III are strictly for GAI teams ONLY. All other fees in relation to your Visas, Air tickets, Insurance, University admission/application fees, Tuition fees as well as standardizing of academic records will not be part of the indicated GAI fees above. Such fees are extra and are paid separately by the applicant.

* 2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR BLOCKED BANK ACCOUNT/ SECURITY DEPOSIST What is a blocked account and why do I need it? A blocked account (Sperrkonto) is a special account that is – in most cases – necessary for your German student visa application and is a precondition when applying for a residence permit in Germany. If you are an international student, au-pair, language student, apprentice or job seeker who is not from an EU Member State, you must prove that you have the financial resources to pay for your course of studies/stay in Germany as well as for daily life expenses during the time of your stay. It is usually required to provide this so-called ‘Proof of financial resources’ (Finanzierungsnachweis) of at least around € 8,700.00 for a one-year stay in Germany. (From January 1, 2020, the monthly required Blocked Amount will increase from €720 to €853, while the annual amount will now be €10,236.). Besides some other proofs of financial resources, opening a blocked account to deposit a security payment is the most commonly used option. You may read more here >>>. For other EU states, USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA etc. details will be communicated when a University is chosen

* 3. The membership fee is needed and used to facilitate the processing of the service requests of each applicant. No cash transactions. All payments must be through the GAI account or PayPal as provided in section F above. You area also required to scan and email (or an image on the what’s app number provided in section D. 7 above) proof of payment to

* 4. GAI will verify and instantly inform you once we are in receipt of the payment. Please note that membership service fees are valid for 2 years and requires renewal at expiry.

* 5. (By clicking on this final mandatory element G: 5, I confirm my agreement, understanding and comprehension of this concise form with details of GAI's services, commitments and limitations.)