What are Member Benefits

Why should you become a member of the German academic Institute?

As a GAI member, you will grow and develop in various ways as a leader through our carefully selected openings and opportunities. You are guaranteed to gain exclusive access to networking opportunities through our partners worldwide.

You receive discounts on training, events, access useful exclusive contacts, support in multiple applications within the European Union as well as academics, business, travel and training across Europe and beyond.

The three main areas of concentration are outlined below:

The elements below are just a few from lists of service request areas of support offered by G.A.I



Concentration #1

Recruitment of applicants to study in Germany, other EU states and beyond

Grants and Scholarship opportunities in Germany and USA

Expert information on Career Development

Limited Employment support etc..

squareFor applicants interested in academics in Germany, other EU counties as well as the US, your prior secondary education, introductory or advanced degree transcripts will be assessed in order to make ideal decision about the area of study or research sought abroad.

squareBecause of our personal working relationship and network with a multiple of Universities and other educational institutes across Europe and the USA, we intervene and assist in the application process all the way to enrollment of the applicant.

squareStudents visas can be tricky and at times even when admission is granted, consulates requirements can be demanding. In this case GAI assists in the process and documentation as well as being in contact with the embassy personnel to provide explanation defense and clarity.

squareApart from individual briefing and orientation before and after arrival abroad, one receives clear calculation of reasonably priced airline tickets, reception arrangements on arrival abroad by GAI team, living costs abroad, possible funding, student jobs, reasonable student housing handled together with the training Institute.



Concentration #2

Quality machinery for production

Building materials suppliers in Germany

Cars, trucks other quality German equipment

Agricultural and Environmental Technology products etc..

Research, Jobs, Internships professional training in Germany

Opportunities for exporting to Germany

Germany is a relatively open economy and has a broad spectrum of goods that it imports. German businesses add value to components and raw products. Germany usually imports in these commodities:


squareData processing equipment

squareAgricultural products





squareOil and gas

squareElectric equipment




Concentration #3

Official Invitations to Germany

Passport and Schengen-VISA application assistance

Airport Pickups, Accommodation and Orientation in Germany

Entertainment, leisure, visits, networking etc..

Holiday, Tours, workshop, conferences Services and support from GAI

squareOfficial Invitation from the Local government in Germany processed and sent in original to the applicant.

squareAssistance with documentation which are needed by the German embassy

squareAn official tour itinerary letter and time lines indicating purpose locations and activities to occupy the applicant during their stay in Germany. Example is attached.

squareAffordable hotel bookings

squareDiscount air tickets reservations and bookings

squareInternational Health Insurance

squarePick up from the Airport and complete orientations while in Germany

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