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Academic Requirements


Certified Certificates:

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) / A level certificate

Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) / O level Certificate

Minimum requirements for general bachelor’s degrees:

  • 3 subjects with grade 6 in UCE must be proven.
  • 2 subjects with the minimum grade E in the Principal Level of  UACE must be proven.
  • It must be a total of five independent general education subjects including English and a mathematical and scientific subject.

Minimum requirements for subject-specific bachelor’s degrees:

  • For Humanities, Law, and Economics: Proof of at least 1 subject at the principal level of UACE / A level certificate, which should correspond to the chosen field of study.
  • For medical, scientific, and technical subjects: Proof of 3 mathematical and scientific subjects, of which at least 2 are in the Principal Level of UACE.

Certified Certificates:

University Entrance Qualification/ School-Leaving Certificate / A level certificate.

Bachelor’s Degree Certificate and Transcript with minimum grade 2.5 / second upper.

Language Requirements

If you have to prove English language proficiency, the following are the accepted forms depending on the university:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Test Results. The accepted results are: PbT (paper-based test) 550 Points, CbT (computer-based test) 213 Points and IbT (internet-based test) 79-80 Points.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test Results. The required points are 5 – 6.5 Score.
  • Proof that the language of instruction in your Bachelor’s degree was English. This usually through a letter issued by the applicant’s undergraduate university. It must be certified by the German Embassy after.

If you need to prove your German language proficiency, then the accepted forms are:

Aptitude Test.

Business schools and MBA programs may require a particular score from recognized tests, like GMAT or GRE. Some degree programs will require TestAS.  TestAS is a central standardized aptitude test for foreign students. The test center in Uganda is Makerere University. The exam fee is 80 Euros. Test dates vary. For more information visit the TestAS website.

Law, medicine, and other similar regulated professions may require you to complete an additional entry exam or take a standardized postgraduate admission test as part of your application in order to ensure the compatibility of your previous training.

Other Requirements:

Motivational letter tailored to the course modules of the desired degree program.

Recommendation letters if required.

Passport copy


Any additional requirements should be made clear to you by your university before you apply.


To increase the chances of applicants being admitted to the universities of their choice, it is advisable to only process graduates with second upper degrees and high school leavers with A to D grades only.

Students with lesser grades who still wish to study in Deutschland should aim for universities that require tuition payment. Currently, the bigger percentage of such universities ask for €1,500 a semester. This is relatively cheaper compared to the USA, UK, and Canada.

Students wishing to pursue a scientific or social science degree should be prioritized over those aiming for business courses.

Services rendered by the German Academic Institute.

Full service: Locating, Securing & admission into an appropriate academic training institute.

Phase I; (80EURS / 95$)

Introductory checking of academic records to determine chances of admission to a German educational institute

  1. Ugandan applicants should look at this link; to see if their prior high school and degree education meets the basic requirements of acceptance in a German University. The language of instruction for a chosen degree could be in English, German (need to start with German classes) or both.
  2. If the candidate meets the minimum qualifications for acceptance in a German University or any other educational training institute, applicants for a BA must email Ordinary &Advanced level transcripts and certificates. For those looking at graduate studies (MA), they should submit BA transcripts with the degree certificates. In order to save time, PhD applicants ought to write us at in order to appreciate their individual interest of research.
  3. Please get in contact with us for this introductory checking of academic records to determine chances of admission & a viability of your area (s) of interest to/in German educational institute. At the same time, please pay a service fee of a fee of 30EURS for this Phase I, The applicant should tell us what area of study they wish or ask to be guided (recommend) by us based on their prior education.

Phase II; (250EURS / 290$)

  1. Selection of 3 to 5 universities most suited to the applicant’s qualifications.
  2. Ensuring the applicant has the minimum requirements required to apply for a degree.
  3. Conversion of the Ugandan final grade into its German equivalent.
  4. Guidance in obtaining a grade conversion certificate.
  5. Explaining any ambiguous requirements listed by the university.
  6. Contacting the university on behalf of the applicant in case of any special inquiries.

Phase III; ( 250EURS / 290$)

  1. Guidance in writing motivation letters.
  2. Guidance in filling in the application. In some situations, we shall help fill in the application for the applicant.
  3. Submission of the application on behalf of the applicant.
  4. Guidance in the enrollment process after admission.
  5. Guidance in creating a blocked account and acquiring health insurance after admission
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