What is GAI Membership?

GAI membership signifies that you’re serious about your academic advancement, professional development, International networking and cross cultural experiences beyond your boarders.

Who can use GAI Membership?

GAI is dedicated to the needs of international students, individuals, corporations, NGOs and governmental entities across the globe. This membership provides you with access to valuable innovative knowledge, networks, and resources which will help you realize your goals.

GAI Membership Benefits

We have various memberships which are individually explained below. As GAI member, you’ll gain exclusive access to networking opportunities provided through the German Academic Institute teams and its partners worldwide. Your specific needs will be individually be attended to and responded to swiftly. You’ll grow and develop as an individual, a leader, or as a team through various opportunities.

You will receive discounts on training, events, access to useful contacts, support in multiple applications for funding from the European Commission as well as international academics placements and training across Europe and beyond. Below you can look at details of individual membership types:

Types of Membership

Join on-campus and international activities to build your skills, attend special events to network with professional in a various fields, and access hundreds of valuable resources to jump start your career! As a GAI member, you can take advantage of extensive professional and student benefits, most of which are available at no additional cost or at a substantial discount. Networking, skill-building and access to the best minds in your area. Before you’re even out of school.

The German Academic Institute is a worldwide organization with over 8000 members, including over 4,000 student members in more than 82 countries. As a GAI student member, you gain skills and practical experience outside the classroom. Connect with professional in your area of interest; get access to hundreds of key resources that will open doors when you start your professional career. Most benefits are available online, so you can access information when you need it, anytime and anywhere.

For applicants interested in academics in Germany, other EU counties as well as the US,   your prior secondary education, introductory or advanced degree transcripts/documents will be assessed in order to make ideal decision about the area of study or research sought abroad.

Because of our personal working relationship and network with a multiple of Universities and other educational institutes across Europe and the USA, we intervene and assist in the application process all the way to enrolment of the applicant.

Students visas can be tricky and at times even when admission is granted, consulates requirements can be demanding. In this case GAI assists in the process and documentation as well as being in contact with the embassy personnel to provide explanation defense and clarity.

Apart from individual briefing and orientation before and after arrival abroad, one receives clear calculation of reasonably priced airline tickets, reception arrangements on arrival abroad by GAI team, living costs abroad, possible funding, student jobs, reasonable student housing handled together with the training Institute.

Main specified benefits & advantages to GAI Student members:

1. Important information about International summer internships,

2. Placement options, higher study options abroad and guide you with scholarships.

3. Expert advice on most suitable course and career variations

4. Newsletter every month – full of opportunities in various spheres and tips on developing a career.

5. Experts who will guide you personally throughout the process of International Education

6. Expert information on tips for career development

7. Location of scholarships & new opportunities

8. International internships & placements and study opportunities

9. Expert information on Career Development.

10. International Internship & Work Opportunities.

11. Take advantage of networking opportunities while learning about exciting innovative techniques and trends.

12. Gain free access to educational tools specifically designed for students.

13. Communicate and collaborate with local and international fellow members in your area and in your field of interest.

14. Get access to academic text books and other provisions for free or at very reduced prices

15. GAI subscription

16. Job board including jobs and internships and professional job training

17. e-Mentoring

18. Invitations to local student section meetings, events and activities

19. Networking in-person and online

20. Student competitions

21. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities in Germany, USA and

22. Orientation support in new locations

23. Application process and consultation at very reduced administrative fees

24. A GAI Membership Certificate will acknowledge your professional status and display your pride!

Main specified benefits & advantages to GAI Student members:

1. Guidance in regard to Fulltime / Partial scholarships, Grants & Fellowships (Germany & USA)

2. Recruitment of applicants to study in Germany

3. Educational Application procedure support for applicants to Germany/EU & USA

4. Evaluation and Accreditation & Assessment of one’s Academic Certifications / Documents

5. Assistance with Visa Applications

6. Limited Employment support (skilled)

7. Paid Internships (Applications/Procedures & Contracts support)

8. Assessment of Life Skills and Experience for University Credits or even a Degree!

9. Discounted Accommodation arrangements for students and other applicants abroad

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For those applicants who don’t want to deal with the basic process of being involved in the application process with us, we have a “University onboard end to end” option which is a full-service package for 4,000,000/- ( 1000EURS). This includes Locating, Securing & admission into an appropriate academic / training institute in Germany (International University of Cooperative Education-IBA, University of Applied Science FH, Research University) EU, USA or CANADA, Contacting Embassies , Assistance with Certifying & Evaluation of Prior Education (fees for official certifying & evaluation of prior education may apply.) Success in acquiring full or partial funding is dependent on academic excellence and one’s (applicant’s) fulfilment of the specific requirements and criteria set by such institutions. In most cases 98% of those who can afford to pay tuition and living costs are guaranteed admission. Please contact us or look at STEPS OF APPLICATION here >>>>.

For individuals employed by a government entity (international, national, regional, or local) or a publicly controlled or funded agency, enterprise, or other entity that delivers public programs, goods, or services This membership is also available to individuals employed as educators at colleges and universities and vocational training institutes.

Benefits to Individual Members

  • Learn and enhance your career. The German Academic Institute (GAI) works with corrosion industry leaders to offer training programs designed to advance your knowledge base
  • Access GAI standards, reports, and conference papers used in ACP states to improve quality, safety, and reliability
  • Network with key decision-makers and industry leaders at international events or within your specialization and build a network of people in the same sectors
  • Discover the difference that GAI contacts can have on your career path
  • Job placement potential—hear about jobs or recruit potential employees from GAI members.
  • Be recognized as part of the premier authority for corrosion control solutions

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Support and facilitation to Corporate Members:

  • Influence public policy impacting the national and international agendas
  • Education on industry trends and market developments
  • Connect with the customer, peers, industry leaders, and Government stakeholder

Corporate Membership allows your company to gain exposure to industry leaders, access to standards and technological resources, train the trainer programs, innovative concepts from the EU, USA, Canada, and other ACP groups of states. You will be assisted in multiple ways including application processes to access EU funding and other international funders. You will have access to our online portal, where selected contacts and resources can be accessed. Your company will be listed on our website as well. Contact Corporate Membership at +49 162 77 25 333 or send us an email at j.godfrey@gai-edu.eu for more details.

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