1. Application Type

2. Application Details


Itemized specified services to be performed by German Academic Institute
01 Search for Job / Vacancies for both Skilled Workers and Social Services all over Germany 10€
02 We guide and advise you on what JOB to apply in Germany 10€
03 Provide detailed for Correct, but timely application processes 10€
04 We assist you to collect all needed documents and provide you with examples as well as assisting you to perfect such mandatory documents of application. 10€
05 Provision of useful specialized information 10€
06 Provision of links, facilitate the application. 10€
07 Coordinate applications process at different stages 10€
08 Provide assistance on completing the online forms and submission procedures of various documents 10€
09 Monitoring the process of approval of your applications 20€
10 Focused consultation and support in possible issues to make your application successful 30€
11 Follow-up on Job Placement in Germany 40€
12 German language is the key we provide you with free sources Germany Course Description and Course Outline 80€
13 Resources of learning payable & Affordable online German courses and materials for levels A1 A2 & B1 (if needed B2 -C2). Videos 100€
Non-Refundable Support/Service/Administrative Fee
Total cost (EURO)

4. Service, Support & Administrative Fee:

I) Non-Refundable Support/Service/Administrative/ Fee: 350.00 EURO (About how and where to pays the fee, kindly contact Mr. Jim Mpungu Godfrey at WhatsApp; +49162-7725333 ( j.godfrey@gai-edu.eu) and or the local coordinator.

II) The application will NOT be processed with out proof of payment. (On request, agreement & approval from GAI, the total fee can be paid in 2-3 instalment)

5. Elements of Agreement & Understanding

A) The German Academic institute (GAI)provides services of assistance to students restricted to the above-mentioned services

B) The Service/Administrative fee is non-refundable since it is used in activities to processing the individual file of each applicant/candidate

C) VISAs and contracts with a German company or any entity is independently decide by the responsible entities and independent of GAI services to the applicant.

D) I confirm my agreement, understanding and comprehension of this concise form with details of GAI's services, commitments and limitations.)

E) I have read and understand the above points and agree to them.