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Assistance Upon Arrival in Germany

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Our robust partnership with numerous healthcare institutions in Germany guarantees job placements for each graduate before they leave their home country!!

Applicants will undergo an online job interview with potential German employers.

Eligibility is confirmed through initial checks of your documents and CV.

Fun Fact: German shares close linguistic ties with English; both belong to the same language family.

We conduct internal assessments to confirm your readiness for the final exam.

Our primary objective is to prepare you for the B2 examination at either the Goethe Institute or a Telc Center. This certification is crucial for visa processing and job initiation.

Rest assured, your prior training after being standardized, will be acknowledged in Germany.

The relevant immigration authority in Germany will assess whether additional training is necessary, based on your educational background and work experience.

The highlight? There are no costs for you. All expenses are covered by the employers. Even if extra training is required, you can work and earn money in Germany during this period, and it will be completed in less than 18 months for enhanced practical experience outside the classroom.

Rest assured, we maintain transparency and are readily available to provide additional documentation for your peace of mind. Explore our expanding collection of testimonials!

Extensive Courses: The weekly agenda encompasses approximately 20 hours of classes.

While the curriculum is intensive, self-study of the provided materials is imperative.

We cater to our learners by providing evening and weekend classes to ensure minimal disruption to current work commitments.

Our in-person classes are conducted in specialized training centers, creating an optimal learning environment. Additionally, we provide supplementary online resources for enriched practice beyond the classroom.

Germany advocates for family togetherness through its family reunification visa program.

Our committed team provides assistance in this domain, guaranteeing a smooth transition for your family to Germany.

Parents, take note! Germany provides a tax-free monthly allowance for each child, irrespective of the quantity. This “Kindergeld” totals 250€.